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The Public Service and Governance Boot Camp

The Public Service and Governance Boot Camp

The Public Service & Governance (PSG) Boot Camp is a program of the Africa for Africa School of Government organised to educate, train and mentor young people from across African nations towards effective and patriotic participation in politics and the civil service

The upcoming session of the PSG Boot Camp marks the first stream of this program. It is comprised of an intensive 3-day course with robust curricular. Our students will be treated to very enlightening and educative classes from highly experienced mentors and members of the faculty, as well as projects and other extra-curricular activities.

This program has been structured to help Africa’s young people build a successful career in politics and the civil service; to meet the dire need for qualitative public leadership as we consciously raise a new generation of selfless individuals who will masterfully coordinate the affairs of African nations and stir our continent to astronomical heights.



Africa for Africa Youth Initiative is a faith-based Non Governmental Organisation whose core focus is on providing pertinent solutions to the socio-economic and socio-political problems of Africa through the creation, development and strategic implementation of novel ideas; the provision of platforms of expression, empowerment and cross-pollination of relevant ideas for young Africans; and a systematic re-education of the young African mind to take up responsibility in becoming active participants in our pursuit of socio-economic and socio-political stability.
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