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The Public Service and Governance Boot Camp 1.0

In the company of the need for rapid development across African nations is a dire need for the nurturing of highly qualitative leadership with noble values and bold new ideas that will stimulate growth across the continent, next on the convoy of needs is the mainstream participation of Africa’s youth in public service and governance.

The Public Service and Governance Boot Camp is a strategic long term mentorship program (organized by the Africa for Africa School of Government) for the deliberate evolution of a new generation of informed and purposeful Political Leaders & Public Servants that will transform the public sector landscape of African nations.

The first edition of the mentorship program dubbed: PSG (Public Service & Governance) Boot Camp 1.0 was hosted in Nigeria at the prestigious Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library from Thursday, 18th to Saturday, 20th July 2019. It was totally historic, impactful and a very wholesome experience for the first set of 100 mentees who were carefully selected from tertiary institutions across Africa following a screening process.


Activities during the Boot Camp were masterfully designed to equip mentees with practical knowledge, skills and proficiencies necessary for efficient public service; ranging from team building and networking activities to debate competitions, tours, adventures, and extremely insightful mentorship classes.

A lineup of high profile personnel and renowned veterans in the field featured as mentors during the Boot Camp; Former President of Nigeria and a noble African Statesman - Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR), Barr. T.T Edun (LLB. Hons), Prof. Kingsley Moghalu – Former Deputy Governor of the Nigerian Central Bank, Mr. Chike Ume – Executive Director for Africa for Africa Youth Initiative, Barr. Hon. Sergius Oguns – Honorable Member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Mr. Sylvester Ebodaghe – The Editor-in-Chief for National Daily Newspaper.

A robust course outline was excellent delivered by the above outlined mentors covering broad  areas within the subject matter such as; An Overview of the Public Sector, Policy Formulation, Leadership, Beginning a Career in Public Service and Politics, and much more. Most notable amongst activities at the Boot Camp was the very interactive mentorship class with the Former President – Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who referred to the young mentees as “the Africa of Today and Tomorrow”, he shared his vast knowledge in public leadership touching an array of areas and constantly buttressing them with real life accounts of his experience in public leadership. He clearly stated in his address that public service gives the opportunity to do the greatest good to the greatest number of people, the session was followed with a QnA session where the Former President provided lucid responses to intelligent questions from the mentees.

The mentees had an expository experience at the tour of the Presidential Library, and a fun-filled time at the wild life park; the PSG Boot Camp 1.0 was truly a rich blend of Learning, Research and Fun.

This means hope for Africa; a new generation is being raised to chart a new course for the development of our continent!