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The foregoing postulation seems to have become a truism as most acts of violence around the world, though not necessarily conceived, are perpetrated by young people.

However, the fraction of young people involved in violence when compared to the global youth populace could be regarded as infinitesimal and negligible; it therefore presents the question as to whether it is justified to characterize the entire group based on the actions of just a few. This stereotype has also presented a default image of youthfulness to the young people themselves, and thus produces more violence as young people continually accept this notion to be their reality.
The Global Youth Peace Walk comes in to accentuate the flip side of this narrative; showing the world that young people are promoters of peace with the aim to consequently decimate the spate of violence and enlist more young people to be active participators in driving development in societies and nations around the world.
The 2019 edition of the Global Youth Peace Walk was organized by the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative as part of our stream of events and activities in commemoration of the UN instituted International Youth Day. This year’s edition, marking its second year running, had young people troop out en masse from 83 University Campuses and strategic locations across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Cameroun, United Kingdom, and Northern Cyprus.