Africa Day across the Continent

Africa Day across the Continent

The Africa day is an annual celebration held to celebrate the onward progress of the liberation movement, and to symbolise the determination of the People of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation.

Projects such as Skill and Career Development Programs, a Symposium on innovation and Entrepreneurship, and a Discourse on Youth Participation and competitiveness for sustainable development were some of the topics dealt with across several African Countries, as the Adrenaline Conference held in Nigeria.

The history of Africa before colonialism is almost buried or has never been told appropriately; there was a thriving Africa before the colonial era, and Africa always had tall trees like the pyramid of Egypt, traded with the Europeans, contributed to science and created solutions by herself. The Africa Day was an opportunity for the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative to tell the African story the way it should be told, an opportunity to change the African narrative and formulate new theories towards the sustainable development of Africa.

These events were executed by several A4A Youths in these countries!




The Africa for Africa Youth Initiative Chapter in Kenya in commemoration of the Africa Day organized a Skills & Career Development Program for the young people in Kenya.

Skills and craftsmanship are inevitable ingredients in our pursuit of a transition to a ‘production-oriented’ continent, and so the young people in Kenya were equipped with new skills and relevant information for career development in an event hosted at the University of Nairobi.

The minds of the attendees were charged with new thoughts on their role in continental development and how they can channel their skills towards initiating socio-economic gains for Africa.



The Africa for Africa Youth initiative chapter in Uganda hosted an enlightening Discourse on Youth Participation and Competitiveness for Sustainable Development at the Kampala International University.


The Africa for Africa Youth Initiative chapters in Ghana held 2 special events in commemoration of the Africa Day; A seminar on Innovations for Sustainable Solutions at the University of Winneba, Kumasi, Ghana; and a Symposium on Youth Entrepreneurship at the University of Ghana.