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Solvent Reaction Pyrolysis of Waste Sachets

Johnson Obute studied Polymer Engineering at the National Institute of Science and Technology Zaria graduating with a First Class degree.

Due to his research and love for innovation, Johnson Obute invented a process called Solvent Reaction Pyrolysis of Waste Sachets- a process that transforms Plastic Sachets into Industrial Wax used for Shoe Polish Production, Lubricant and a variety of domestic and industrial product, which he launched at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Johnson’s inspiration came as a result of the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative which he came in contact with in 2019.

Johnson has successfully empowered over 200 youths directly and 5,000 others indirectly. He has also raised a production and marketing team to develop a business model for effective production and distribution of the industrial wax.

With the plans he has, Johnson’s project would be creating jobs for 500 youths yearly, would recycle over 500 tons of plastic waste annually, reduce pollution, combat flood and climate change while promoting economic growth in Africa.

Johnson in addition to the production of Shoe Polish has also used the same Chemical Process in the production of other Materials such as Interlocking Bricks and Lubricants.

He has also trained 200 Young People in Northern Nigeria on waste Management and Recycling