About us


Why Africa For Africa?

Africa is endowed with a highly energetic and intelligent youth populace. With almost half a billion (500,000,000) people shown to be between the ages of 15 and 35 years, the continent is reported to have the youngest population in the world. However, this young population is scarcely harnessed in the socio-political and socio-economic developement of Africa, as their participation in these areas have been infinitesimal and relatively negligible. 

This has robbed the consitituent states of the African Continent an opportunity for true transformation and sustainable development, which all come through fresh ideas, innovation and strategic execution. 

The Africa for Africa Youth Initiative holds a valid assertion that the young African populace is indispensable in our journey of sustainable development and that the seemingly insurmountable socio-economic and socio-political challenges in Africa can be solved by young, innovative and indigenous Africans. 

This organization seeks to influence the young African mind to believe, aspire and contribute to the socio-economic and socio-political development of African Nations.

Who Are We?

The Africa for Africa Youth Initiative is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organisation whose core focus is on providing pertinent solutions to the socio-economic and socio-political problems of Africa through the creation, development and strategic implementation of novel ideas; the provision of platforms of expression, empowerment and cross-pollination of relevant ideas for young Africans; with a systematic re-education of the young African mind to take up responsibility and become active participants in our pursuit of socio-economic and socio-political stability as a continent.

Our Vision

To orchestrate the evolution of egalitarian African societies with thriving economies catalysed by self-initiated and innovative solutions, astute policy development, a re-education and mainstream participation of young Africans in the national development process of African nations.


Our Mission

To mobilise, educate and provide support for young Africans in producing sustainable solutions to the socio-economic and socio-political problems in Africa.